Communist Party of the Philippines: Aquino Acting as US stooge in Making Big Fuss Over DPRK Satellite Launch

Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) ridiculed the Aquino regime for shamelessly playing its role as a US government stooge in making such a big fuss over the planned launch of another satellite by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on April 12-15.

“Goaded by the US government, Aquino and his foreign affairs officials have denounced the planned satellite launch by North Korea as ‘totally unacceptable,’ echoing the US position drawn from baseless allegations that it is a cover for testing ballistic missiles,” said the CPP.

“The CPP and the Filipino people extend their felicitations and well wishes to the government and people of the DPRK for its plans to launch another satellite into space. Such an undertaking manifests the DPRK’s continuing advances in science and technology achieved in the course of the its effort to uphold national sovereignty and build socialism in spite of constant US imperialist economic pressures and politico-diplomatic subversion of the DPRK.”

The DPRK successfully launched its first communications satellite in April 2009.

“The CPP denounces US imperialism and its puppet Aquino regime for subverting the DPRK’s efforts to build for itself an independent technological and communication infrastructure. The US imperialists wish to prevent the DPRK from further building itself up as a formidable scientific power, in the same way that it is blocking efforts by other self-respecting anti-imperialist sovereign nations from building their independence.”

“For the past several months, Aquino and his foreign affairs team have been shamelessly echoing every foreign policy declaration issued by the US to justify its wars of aggression and intervention, military buildup and power projection against China and Iran”

“To justify its position and generate support among the Filipino people, the Aquino regime has even resorted to making such wild speculations that falling debris from the DPRK satellite launch may hit Philippine territory. It has even absurdly imposed a no-fly zone policy on the days of the launch,” said the CPP. “This is completely ludicrous considering its recent declaration of an open skies policy for US military spy drones.”

“The US is using the Philippines as its proxy to create the illusion of widespread support for the US position against the DPRK. As the US proxy, the Aquino regime even brought up the matter at the recent Association of Southeast Nations meeting in Cambodia,” said the CPP. “However, the Aquino regime failed to convince the other ASEAN nations to adopt its aggressive position against the DPRK and succeeded only in making it issue a statement of ‘real concern’.”

*note: This article was originally posted here on the Philippine Revolution Web Central on April 5, 2012.

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