Sample Resolutions from the XXI Congress of the Communist Party of India

Resolution on Agriculture and Farmers’ Plight  

The 21st Congress of the CPI expresses its anguish and deep concern over the anti-people measures pursued by the Government in the centre and the states as well across the country with regards to agriculture sector and farmers community.

While Indian agriculture scenario is becoming gloomy day by day and around 70% of the population engaged in this sector are facing severe economic crisis resulting in the incidents of suicides committed by more than 2.5 lakh farmers, the governments are mostly reluctant to address the genuine problem rather becoming rhetoric and mostly undertaking the measures which lead to more pauperization.

Over the years investment in agriculture has been losing its proportionate share in total investment, slow pace of agrarian reforms, price hike of agriculture inputs, non availability of cheap institutional credits, low market rate of agriculture produce with high risk of production process, stagnation of production and productivity at the same time inadequate employment opportunity in other sectors has resulted in low per capita income of the agriculture households for last couple of years.

The situation is such that 40% of agriculturist want to leave their farm activities.  The situation demands to give more focus on agriculture and to uplift the large section of farmers community.  This sector has to be kept at the centre of any reform agenda or planning process in order to make a significant dent on poverty and  malnutrition and to ensure long term food security for the people.  But it is observed that instead of giving paramount importance upon this sector the policy of economic liberalization is gradually being introduced which is causing more distress.

In the recent budgetary allocation it is observed that the union government’s total expenditure on the rural economy has declined to 2.3% of GDP and in agriculture it comes to 1.41%.  There is drastic decline in crop insurance.  Deregulation of fertilizers and subsidy cut causes its price hike more than100%.  Subsidy cut in agriculture, food, irrigation, declining allocation in MGNREGA and other anti-people measures would add further burden on the farming community.

It is observed that due to inadequate initiatives taken by the FCI and other agencies the food procurement directly from the producers has miserably failed in almost every state.

It is noticed in most of the state that forceful land acquisition is taking place.  The government is not replacing the century old British rule so far.  Hence thousands and thousands of farmers are getting forcefully evicted.

This Party Congress expresses it solidarity with the fighting peasant and agriculture labourers against the onslaught and extends its full support to the fighting peasants.

This Congress calls upon the farmers, agriculture labourers and all democratic forces of our country to continue the mass protest based on the issues mentioned above and stand on the occasion to achieve larger unity on commonly agreed points for pressurising the government  for taking suitable measures in the interest of the farmers and the agricultural sector as well.

Resolution on Land Acquisition

Acquiring land for urbanization and projects is a continues process but in the present Neo-liberal economy acquiring land for profit, indiscriminately, has reached dangerous proportions.  Black money mafia and their political patronage are playing havoc.

Similarly, resettlement of  people deprived of land is still not done though 60 years have passed.  Millions of adivasis, farmers, are suffering because of defective resettlement policies.

Food Security is the most important aspect which must be kept in mind while framing any land acquisition policy.  We demand that no fertile land be taken for any non agricultural activities.  Similarly proper compensation and resettlement policy we framed and forceful acquisition under the pretext of public purpose should be stopped.  Land is acquired for SEZ, NIMZ and such projects but  after few years the original purpose is changed  and land is used for commercial purposes.

CPI demands a legislation should be brought and be enforced with regard to conservation of agriculture land.  CPI further demands that the century old British Law of Land Acquisition should be repealed and that needs to be replaced by a new kisan friendly legislation to ensure adequate compensation and proper rehabilitation.

We therefore demand that in case the land used is changed acquired land be taken back or suitable compensation be given to the original owner i.e. farmers.

Resolution on Public Distribution System

The 21st Party Congress of CPI held at Patna is seriously concerned about Public Distribution System in the country.  The food and agricultural organization recently reveals that in the coming year the food situation in the world especially in India will worsen than forever.

In India more than 20-25 crores of people are facing serious starvation.  Various studies conducted by T. Saxena, Sengupta Commission appointed by the ministry of labour and National Sample Survey revealed explosive situation among the people.  According to the Sengupta Commission nearly 77% of  people are living on 20 rupees per day. There is no revision of BPL list since last ten years in many states.

The government of India miserably failed to assess the APL and BPL in the country in 2009 the President of India promised to the people that the government will introduce a new bill for statutory food grain supply on  Rs. 3/- per kg and Rs. 2/- per kg wheat for all.  Now the parameter of poverty is sought to be diluted to down play the volume of poverty in the country.

The newly introduced  food security bill cannot meet the challenge of hunger. This bill also lead to dismantling the existing PDS system in our country.

21st Party Congress demand to introduce universal rationing system in the country and to allow the states to fix the APL and BPL.

Resolution on Price Rise

The 21st Congress of the CPI being held in Patna expresses its deep concern at the reported move of the Central Government to increase the prices of petroleum products.  It is being done through back door, through the decision of the oil companies since the market has been deregulated.

It is a sinister move which shall evidently lead to  rise in  the prices  of essential goods and commodities and inflation, causing deep distress to the common people.

A government that fails to curb price rise is itself raising prices further along with the increase in the freight charges in the railways.

On the other hand, the government is cutting down subsidies on food items and fertilizers.

Instead of taking steps to streamline and strengthen the PDS, not regulating forward trade and not taking effective measures against hoarding government is doing everything including the proposed cash transfers to systematically dismantle PDS.

The Party Congress calls upon all party units and the toiling people to rise in protest against the government’s present moves and policies.

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