With Tenacity, Optimism, Militancy to Decisively Strengthen the KKE

Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

Aleka Papariga, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, held a press conference 18/4 on the enormous social issue of unemployment, which now affects every Greek family, as unemployment according to official statistics has surpassed 21%, while amongst young people it is over 50%.


As A. Papariga stressed, in the election period the question of unemployment will be used by the other parties as a theatre piece, and they foster illusions that investments which support the profitability of capital will reduce unemployment and raise wages and pensions. The KKE has a unified proposal for struggle.  The one axis supports radical measures for the protection of the unemployed in conjunction with the highlighting of the urgent need for mass hiring in sectors which are related to social infrastructure, public works, the filling of recognized gaps in Health and Education. The other axis shows the road of struggle for the complete abolition of unemployment in the conditions of the people’s economy, with the socialization of the monopolies, nationwide planning with workers’ control, out of the EU and with a unilateral cancellation of the debt. In this situation the utilization of all the development potential of the country with planning for full employment will be possible.

The KKE, which continues its election activity with open rallies and meetings, presented its lists, which include 424 candidates. Of these 212 are participating for the first time in the lists of the KKE, that is to say 50%. The candidates of the KKE are cadres of the labour and trade union movement (PAME), the movement of the small and medium farmers (PASY), the movement of the self-employed (PASEVE), women-members of the Federation of Greek Women (OGE), young militants (MAS), the parents’ movement, the movement against imperialist war, the movement for culture, the movement for the protection of the environment and local councillors elected with the lists of “People’s Rally” in local government .

The General Secretary of the Central Committee is the head of the party’s list in two electoral constituencies, the 2nd region of Athens and the 1stregion of Thessalonica. Head of the Nationwide list ( 288 MPs are elected in regional constituencies and 12 are elected from the nationwide list of the parties) is Thanassis Pafilis, member of the Central Committee, General Secretary of the World Peace Council, regional councillor of Attica, Member of Parliament.

With this invitation the Central Committee of the KKE calls the members and friends of the party and KNE, its voters, to wage the struggle all over Greece, above all in the workplaces, so that the electoral list and voice of the party reaches every worker, poor farmer and self-employed person, every young man and woman, every woman from the families of the popular strata.  The election battle must be fought with tenacity, optimism, militancy to decisively strengthen the KKE.

*note: Taken from Solidnet.

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