Current Anti-Marxist Reactionary Ideological Challenges: Draft Ideological Resolution of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

9.1 Following this shift in balance of forces in imperialism’s favour, we anticipated an aggressive all round attack not only ideologically but in all spheres against Marxism and Communism.

9.2 During these two decades, such trends have further intensified. These essentially attempt to reason that with the collapse of the USSR, there is a need to transcend Marxism. Hence, the theories of ‘revisiting’, ‘reassessing’ or ‘reconstructing’ Marxism have surfaced and are circulating in fashionable intellectual circles, influencing and confusing sections of the people.

9.3 Post-Modernism: Imperialist-driven globalization fuelled by global finance capital has spawned a whole new range of anti-Marxist ideologies and theories which are marked by the negation of all progressive, universalist ideologies. Theories of class convergence, disappearance of class struggle and the negation of the revolutionary role of the working class have been part of the bourgeois ideological armoury. To these is now added the current anti-Marxist theory of post-modernism.

9.4 Post-modernism is a bourgeois philosophical outlook which arose out of the success of the late 20th century capitalism and the reverses of socialism. It questions all the values of the Enlightenment and rejects any philosophy or politics which is universal and dismisses them as ‘totalizing’ theories, Marxism included. Post-modernism does not recognise capitalism or socialism as a structure or system. Thus it is a philosophy suited for global finance capital as it negates class and class struggle.

9.5 Social Democracy: Social Democracy previously was a reformist ideology which sprang up from within the working class movement. It advocated accommodation with capitalism and reforms within the capitalist system. Social Democracy has got transformed in the era of globalised finance capital. It has got further co-opted into the bourgeois system. Reformism gave way to justification of the neo-liberal policies by the social democrats. The ‘third way’ propounded was nothing but a cover for this. As Marxists, we should counter such theories of social democracy and expose their role as adjuncts to the rule of capital.

9.6 However, Marxism is unique in the sense that it can be transcended only when its agenda is realized; the agenda of realizing a classless Communist social order. Specifically under capitalism, its understanding of capitalism is alone thorough enough for it to comprehend the historical possibilities that lie beyond it. Hence Marxism can never be, under capitalism, rendered superfluous until capitalism is itself superseded. Post capitalism, Marxist philosophy and world view will continue to be the basis and the scientific guide, for socialist construction and the transition to Communism.

9.7 As noted in all our ideological documents earlier, Marxism is not a dogma but a ‘creative science’. It is based on, amongst others, ‘a concrete analysis of concrete conditions’. Marxism is an approach to the analysis of history in general, and of capitalism in particular. It is on this basis, building on the foundation provided by Marx, that we continuously enrich our theory for understanding the present conjuncture and the possibilities it holds for the future. Far from being a closed theoretical system, Marxism represents a process of continuous theoretical enrichment.

9.8 Current anti-Marxist ideologies and others that may arise in the future need to be squarely combated in theory and their manifestations in disrupting class unity, in practice.

*note: The Red Phoenix has a short, clear, well-written article against post-modernism.

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