Oppose Aquino Policy of Greater US Military Presence in the Philipines – CPP

Communist Party of the Philippines, Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) urged the Filipino people to oppose the Aquino regime’s policy of national treachery in calling for increasing American military presence in the Phlippines through the Balikatan “joint exercises”. The CPP issued this statement as around 4,500 US soldiers are set to arrive in the Philippines to hold naval and other maneuvers starting tomorrow along the South China Sea, off the coast of Palawan, in the general vicinity of the disputed Spratly islands.

US aggression forces train Philippine puppet troops during joint military exercises. Photo from http://www.stripes.com

“The so-called joint military exercises to be carried out this year by the US and Philippine governments are clear acts of power projection and military muscle flexing by the imperialist US government directed at China whose rising economic power, political influence and military strength are perceived by the US as threats to its aims of expanding and strengthening its hegemony over the Asia-Pacific region,” said the CPP.

The CPP denounced the Aquino regime for “deceiving the Filipino people into believing that allowing more American military troops in the Philippines will help enhance Philippine naval defense and capability to defend sovereignty. Aquino has stooped to the lowest levels of colonial submission in declaring that the Philippines can more effectively defend its sovereignty by putting it in the hands of his imperialist masters,” said the CPP.

“Aquino is revealing himself more and more to be a mendicant colonial vassal in allowing the US military to use Philippine territory as their own in exchange for a few discarded and obsolete US military surplus hardware and war materiél,” added the CPP.

The CPP said further that the bargain sale of military surplus to the Philippines is being done by the US not because it seeks to help defend Philippine sovereignty. “The US military-industrial capitalists stand to benefit in the US-instigated push to build-up military strength by the Philippines and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“In outright violation of its own constitution, the Aquino regime allows the US military to carry out combat operations in the Philippines by allowing it to fly surveillance drones to guide ground operations of the AFP, embed American troops in operating units of the AFP, deploy teams of American military advisers in AFP tactical command centers, carry out civilian-military operations and psywar activities, set up satellite and communications infrastructure and undertake other counterguerrilla-related activities.”

“In order to accomodate the US plan to increase the number of its troops rotating permanently across several countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the Aquino regime is currently seeking to provide the US with military facilities for the regular docking of American warships, for the operation and stationing of US military drones, for rest and recreation of thousands of US soldiers and to address the other needs of the US military.”

The CPP urged the Filipino people “to untiringly push for the abrogation of the Mutual Defense Treaty of 1951, the Visiting Forces Agreement and other similar one-sided military agreements which violate the country’s national sovereignty.”

“The Filipino people must wage information and study campaigns to heighten the patriotic awareness of their history of anti-colonial and national liberation struggle. They must expose how the US military and government continue to trample on Philippine sovereingty in order to extend its hegemony over the Philippines and the entire Asia-Pacific.”

The CPP added: “They must wage mass campaigns in their communities, schools, factories and offices in order to collectively demonstrate their opposition to the puppetry of the Aquino regime and demand a stop to US military intervention in the Philippines.”

“The CPP further calls on all revolutionary forces to stand ground in defense of national sovereignty and raise the Filipino people’s determination to wage a patriotic armed resistance against the interventionist troops of the US imperialists.”

*note: Original can be found here on the website of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

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