From the Media Committee of YCL Hamilton

Dear comrades and readers,

The Media Committee of YCL Hamilton, which is also the editorial staff of the Red Hammer, would like to issue a sincere apology for the Red Hammer’s inactivity since the end of May.

Due to increasing demands at work for most of the staff, we the Red Hammer’s regular, daily posting were put on a temporary hiatus. Although at the end of May we foresaw daily, or near-daily, posts being a possibility, this proved to be very difficult to achieve.

However, during our absence from the blogosphere, members of YCL Hamilton, in conjunction with YCL members across the province, have been preparing for bold actions and a strong presence on campus and in the community.

To this end, YCL Hamilton has called a General Meeting for Sunday, August 19, 2012. Comrade Organizer Ahmad al-Amad and comrade Secretary Charles Yin are currently figuring out details and will be in touch with the Media Committee with the location, time and agenda very shortly.

From the YCL Club Executive:

We are living in an age of intensifying class conflict. Everywhere the working class is facing increasing pressure from a capitalist system that is intent on reducing wages and benefits, eroding the rights of workers and silencing or marginalizing all voices of dissent. Today we witness mounting attacks on the rights of workers, education and intellectual freedom, the environment and the sovereignty of nations.

What is urgently necessary is a People’s Fightback: a determined and organized struggle against the forces of capitalism and imperialism in Canada and around the world. The Young Communist League’s aim is to mobilize students, young workers and youths in general to become a part of this resistance. Come out on August 19th to learn how you can take part.

All are welcome to attend this meeting.

In preparation for this, the Media Committee has resolved to resume posting at least one article or news blurb on a daily basis.

As resolved toward the end of April, the Media Committee and the YCL Hamilton Club Executive will be publishing a weekly, hard-copy edition of the Red Hammer, for distribution in the community and on campus. The weekly hard-copy will contain the most popular news items from the blog, as well as updates from the Organizer, Media Committee, Club Executive or YCL Provincial or Central Committees.

We are very excited to be in the planning stages of establishing a media force that will bring all the best, most hard-hitting, most uncovered-by-the-mainstream news for all revolutionary youth at McMaster University, in Hamilton and in the surrounding area.

Long live the people’s labour and democratic struggles! Long live the student struggle!

For a united, progressive, revolutionary alternative!

Media Committee, YCL Hamilton

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