KCTU Stages Sit-in Strike in South Korea

Rodong Sinmun

The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) staged a sit-in strike for winning victory in the general strikes across south Korea on August 16.

Representatives of industrial trade unions under the KCTU held a press conference on the sit-in strike in Youido, Seoul.

Members of the KCTU on the march

Speakers expressed astonishment at the deplorable fact that gangsters are cracking down on workers in broad daylight at tacit connivance of police and with its help.

The “presidential” candidates from the ruling party are trumpeting economic recovery, even though they are not aware of minimum wage, and the 19th-term “National Assembly” has never rewritten the wrong laws, they charged.

Intolerable is the deplorable fate of workers suffering from repression, they said.

They warned they will fight it out to end the unpopular society through large-scale struggle including general strikes in case their demands are not met.

That day all regional headquarters of the KCTU launched sit-in strikes in major cities, at city offices of all provinces, railway stations, etc., raising such major demands as abolition of part-time job and resolution and layoff, revision of the evil law on labor, reduction of labor hours and stop to privatization.

*Note: Originally found on Rodong Sinmun.

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