Left-Wing TV Station in Lebanon Attacked, Unreported in Mainstream Media

Dear Comrades,

Comradely greetings.

Yesterday night, on Wednesday August 15th  2012, Al-Yassariah” (the Left)  , a TV channel, was attacked by a gang which entered by force into the offices of Al Yassariah in Al Dahyeh, the southern suburb of  Beirut, and arrested three works in it after stealing, and destroying part of its equipments and computers.

May Day in Lebanon

Young comrades support the LCP at a May Day rally in Beirut, 2007

We say, for reminding, that the launching of Al Yassariah was decided in the 2nd “Arab Left Meeting”, which was held in February 2011. Comrade Dr. Khaled Hedadah, the general secretary of our party, was appointed to supervise the preparations and launching of Al Yassariah after the presented parties had agreed on that in the 3rd Meeting in February 2012. Also presenting, part of the communist and left Arab parties, financial contributions to supports its first step and waiting for completing the contributions.

The Lebanese Communist Party, which is following up this essential case for the sake of protecting left changing horizon in the Arab World in facing the bourgeoisie media flow that is subordinate and agent to imperialism. Also against the voices that depends on fundamental ideologies based on religion and sectarian grounds and meets the bourgeoisie ideology to implement “the New Middle East Project”, which was put by USA administration. These voices and USA project want to block the way of radical democratic change through absorbing the revolutions which took place in the last two years.

The Lebanese Communist Party calls all the communist, left, and workers parties in the Arab world, and in the world, to announce their clear solidarity with Al Yassariah TV channel and what it represents from particular role in facing the bourgeoisie and religious fundamentalist attacks toward the region and the world.

Beirut, 17/8/2012

The Lebanese Communist Party

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) condemns the attack on the Al Yassariah TV and expresses its solidarity with Al Yassariah and the LCP. We feel this an attack on the freedom of expression and a part of the attacks on the democratic rights. We demand the immediate punishment of the culprits.

With warm fraternal greetings

International Department, Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Dear Comrades,

We herewith strongly condemn the attack against Al-Yassariah that took place on August 15, 2012.  USA is leading a dirty war against the peoples of the Middle East in alliance with the most reactionary forces in the region, in an attempt to reshape the region according to its so-called Great Middle East Project. Its military failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, conjoined with the current deep economic crisis of the capitalist system, lead to a change in the strategic notions of the USA.

The main change was a shift from open wars to covered ones to be implemented by special forces, one of whose first examples is currently being lived in Syria. Such wars have to be accompanied with more “disinformation”, more blatant lies and more distortion of the truth, which has become an every-day activity of the pro-imperialist media in the region. So it is no wonder for us why the present attack targeted Al-Yassariah, a TV Channel, which was about to put the truth on air, to decipher imperialist lies and to act as a source of enlightenment.

We wholeheartedly express our solidarity with Al-Yassariah and declare that we are ready to cooperate more closely with all the communist, left and anti-imperialist parties, organizations and  media in the Arab world and elsewhere. With our best regards and friendly greetings.

Prof. Dr. Semih Koray, Chair of the International Relations Bureau, Workers Party (Turkey)

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