Tribute to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi – Hero of World Communist Youth

It has been over ten months since the extra-judicial execution of Muammar Gaddafi by a gang of NATO-serving thugs as he lay in a drainage ditch. The video was broadcast for the world to see, a macabre and grotesque, albeit fitting, tribute to Western society’s culture of violence.

The mass corporate media in the Western world universally lined up behind the efforts to destroy the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. To this end, a great campaign of demonization and disinformation was waged against Libya, and against Gaddafi in particular.

A closer look, however, reveals many of the inconsistencies that are typical of imperialism’s weak cases for war. Gaddafi was said to have “bombed his own people”, but these accusations could never be backed up with hard evidence – the Russian space agency, for example, trained their satellites on the cities supposedly under siege and found nothing to back up the accusations. Gaddafi was said to be a dictator, a one-man show, but in fact the Jamahiriya had an extensive government system that incorporated direct democracy, traditional informal power mechanisms and modern state apparatuses.

While these questions are best dealt with in greater detail elsewhere, the Red Hammer is presenting a video created by a fan of Gaddafi’s that shows his solidarity with the world communist movement. Although not a communist himself, Gaddafi was a reliable ally against imperialism and, by many accounts, a genuine human being who deeply cared about the dignity, quality of life and independence of all Libyans.


Red Hammer Editorial Committee

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