Statement of the Central Committee of Tudeh Party of Iran

Tudeh Party of Iran

We condemn any action promoting the military’s attack on Iran

Reports in the international media and worrying statements made by Israel’s policy makers, the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past two weeks signal the development of a very dangerous situation in respect of our country, Iran. In some circles it is suggested that the current belligerent and right-wing Zionist government of Israel, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, has decided to attack Iran in the next few weeks, ahead of the US presidential elections. Although the warmonger prime minister of Israel has claimed that Israel is able to attack Iran “independently” of the US, there are certain signs that indicate an ongoing coordinated effort around this military adventurism between the reactionary government of Israel and ruling circles in the US.

Meanwhile, as the war propaganda heats up, the ruling reactionary regime in Iran – which by following adventurous and totally unrealistic policies in recent years has had a significant role in provoking these real threats against the independence and sovereignty of our country – has now launched a new round of political idiocy and is demonstrating complete lack of awareness about the basic tenants of effective diplomacy in the interests of the people and for the protection of our homeland. The foolish and provocative words of Ahmadinejad during the “Quds Day” march and rally on 17 August [the last Friday of the month of Ramadan], who again threatened the complete destruction of Israel, which was condemned by the UN Secretary General, and also the repetition of the same threats by the leaders of various organs of the Islamic Republic and the leaders of Hezbollah in Lebanon, is in fact what we had previously warned against time after time. What happened a year ago in Libya, and what is now taking place in Syria, should have made the leaders of the ruling reactionary regime in Iran think that, given the current balance of power in the region and the world, such irresponsible statements could be highly dangerous for our national interests.

In recent years, the Tudeh Party of Iran has repeatedly warned about the necessity of pursuing an active diplomacy that would keep world public opinion on the side and in support of the people of Iran. But, on the contrary, the policies of the ruling regime have made our country dangerously isolated around the world.

White House officials and US embassies around the world hesitate to speak directly and clearly about the position of the US regarding Israel’s military attack on Iran. Mitt Romney, the US Republican presidential candidate, has raised the flag of war and supported the Israeli military attack on Iran, and in fact, has made support for assault against our country a pivotal issue in the US presidential election campaigns. Considering the narrow gap in the polls between the two candidates in the forthcoming US election, there are certain signs indicating that President Obama will most likely support the military action of Israel against Iran in order to obtain the support of the powerful pro-Israel lobby in the US. On 30 July the Montreal Gazette disclosed that Obama’s National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon, has had in depth and detailed talks with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, about how and to what extent the US will militaristically support Israel if and when it decides to attack Iran.

On 20 August Mehr news agency quoted General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, justified the warmongering and criminal words of the high officials of the Israeli government by saying that “Israel sees the Iranian threat more seriously than the US sees it, because a nuclear Iran poses a threat to Israel’s very existence”, whereas Americans don’t have such a concern and are in no rush to stop Iran’s nuclear programme.

According to a report in the Israeli daily paper Haaretz, the leader of the opposition in the Knesset (Israel’s parliament), Shaul Mofaz, in his letter of 20 August, has asked Netanyahu to appear immediately before the parliament and explain the government’s plans for waging war with Iran. As reported by the radio station of Israel’s Army, Shaul Mofaz has requested clear answers to questions such as the degree of preparedness of Israel for launching war against Iran, the official position of the US administration in this regard and also the degree of coordination between the US and Israel over security intelligence, operations, and economic and political matters. In the past few weeks, the progressive and peace-loving forces of Israel, and particularly the Communist Party of Israel and Hadash (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality), which has close relations and acts jointly with the Communist Party of Israel, have launched very effective protest campaigns to demonstrate the opposition of vast sections of ordinary people, intellectuals, and peace advocates with waging of any war under any pretext. The Communist Party of Israel, which analysed the war with Iran as a full scale disaster, has called upon all party organizational units and its allies to give absolute priority to fighting against the risk of military attack on Iran and to the intensification and escalation of all anti-war campaigns.

Analyzing the very critical and intense situation in the Middle East, and the adventurous policies of the US government and its allies in the EU and in such Arab states as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and also in Turkey, the Tudeh Party of Iran is rightly concerned about the development of a situation which could jeopardize peace and security in the region and in our country, trample on the sovereignty of Iran, and once again make the working people of our country the target of a war in which they played no part in creating.

The Tudeh Party of Iran once again strongly condemns the position declared by Benjamin Netanyahu, and denounces the action of the Prime Minister of a UN member state in so openly violating the Charter of the United Nations and international law, by speaking so explicitly to threaten the launching of a “pre-emptive attack” on the pretext of destroying the nuclear sites and strategic military facilities and resources of Iran. We condemn the position of the US and EU in the form of a consenting silence with regards to the actions of the state of Israel. We believe that the policies of US imperialism and its allies with regards to the Middle East nations have encouraged the Israeli leadership in a manner that they feel free to promote openly aggressive and belligerent policies whose consequences would be to inflame the entire region of the Middle East and jeopardize global peace.

The Tudeh Party of Iran has persistently and tenaciously condemned and denounces the warmongering policies, statements and positions of the authorities and governments of the countries in the region. We have consistently campaigned for the imperative of attempting to find ways to resolve the current disputes through negotiation and other methods based on preserving peace and the Charter of the UN and respect for the sovereignty of nations. We call upon all progressive and peace-loving forces around the world to support this position.

The Tudeh Party of Iran believes that the path of the future political development of our country is solely the business of the people of Iran and no one else and must be decided solely by the people of Iran and the democratic and patriotic political forces, based on respect for and belief in the economic and political independence of our nation. Once again, we call upon all the forces campaigning in defence of freedom, democracy, social justice and peace to urgently join a united front to rescue the country from the risk of war, and advocate democratic development and the independence of the country.

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran
21st August, 2012

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