About the Red Hammer


To provide a valuable news service and arena of commentary to all young radical socialists, communists and other progressive people in Southern Ontario.


The Red Hammer is a socialist blog that publishes news, opinions and theory for young people and students from a decidedly left-wing perspective.

The Red Hammer accepts original contributions from anybody who shares our vision of a peace-loving, multinational, democratic and socialist Canada.

Political-Editorial Stance

The Red Hammer’s editorial staff generally adheres to Marxism-Leninism as an ideological guide and framework, but strongly disavows dogmatic approaches to key political questions.

Truth can only be derived from experience. It is the collective knowledge and wisdom of all revolutionaries everywhere that adds up to revolutionary theory – it is not something that exists outside of or independent from human beings, and not something devised by wise minds and swallowed wholesale by lesser minds. It is the eternally incomplete, constantly evolving synthesis of our collective experiences in the real world.

Since theory applies to experience in many different ways in different conditions, historically and in the present day, the Red Hammer strives to always broaden our learning and understanding of the theory and science that guides the revolutionary Left.

In everything, the Red Hammer endeavours to support all those who are resisting capitalism, imperialism, bigotry, ignorance and oppression. The Red Hammer seeks to expose the vast misinformation machine of the ruling class, understood through the Propaganda Model, and to promote alternative sources of information and interpretations of historical and current events.

The Red Hammer does not exclude controversial or challenging ideas that are grounded in evidence and experience. Concurrently, the editorial staff of the Red Hammer reserves the right to exclude any and all material that it deems offensive, uninformed, and/or reactionary.

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