Below are links to various series published by the Red Hammer.

Ideological Resolution from the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

1. Introduction (omitted excluded)

2. The Working of Imperialism in the Era of Globalisation

3. Unsustainability of Neo-Liberal Globalization and the Capitalist Crisis

4. The Politics and Ideology of Imperialist Globalisation

5. The Period of Transition and World Capitalism Today

6. Developments in Socialist Countries

7. Some Developing Countries

8. Socialism in Indian Conditions

9. Current Anti-Marxist Reactionary Ideological Challenges

10. Indian Conditions – Certain Concrete Issues

11. Conclusion

Wage Labour and Capital – by Karl Marx

1. Introduction by Engels (omitted)

2. Preliminary

3. What Are Wages? How Are They Determined?

4. By What Is The Price of a Commodity Determined?

5. By What Are Wages Determined?

6. The Nature and Growth of Capital

7. Relation of Wage-Labour to Capital

8. The General Law that Determines the Rise and Fall of Wages and Profits

9. The Interests of Capital and Wage-Labour Are Diametrically Opposed

10. Effect of Capitalist Competition on the Capitalist Class, the Middle Class and the Working Class

The State and Revolution

1. Class Society and the State

2. The Experience of 1848-1851

3. The Experience of the Paris Commune of 1871 – Marx’s Analysis

4. Supplementary Explanations by Engels

5. The Economic Basis of the Withering Away of the State

6. The Vulgarisation of Marxism by Opportunists

Marxism and the National Question

1. The Nation

2. The National Movement

3. Presentation Of The Question

4. Cultural-National Autonomy

5. The Bund, Its Nationalism, Its Separatism

6. The Caucasians, The Conference Of The Liquidators

7. The National Question In Russia

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