The Revolution in Hamilton

Hundreds and hundreds of people in Hamilton, Ontario devote most, if not all, of their time trying to rally up the people to take action for positive change. While their methods and approaches are diverse, we are all generally fighting for the same goals – peace, love, and liberation from oppression.

Here are just a few of the awesome groups and individuals keeping the fire alive in the hearts of progressive Hamiltonians:

Hamilton and District Labour Council – Where Hamilton’s thousands of trade union members come together in the spirit of unity.

Raise the Hammer – Independent local newspaper, covers many issues of concern to the average person.

SkyDragon Centre – A collective of artists, activists, Bohemians and radicals dedicated to the goals of progressive social and environmental change.

United Steelworkers Local 1005 – Arguably Hamilton’s most militant union local, these brave warriors have never given up without a fight.

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3906 – Radical student politics and militant trade unionism come together in this local, composed of graduate students at McMaster University.

LGBTQ Community Wellness Centre of Hamilton (AKA “The Well) –  facilitates various peer support groups and social groups for members of Hamilton’s LGBTQ community and their supporters.

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) at McMaster – a student funded/student directed organization working on issues of human rights, the environment and social justice.

Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War – leaders and activists from the peace movement, the faith communities, the labour movement, the student movement, and ethnic communities come together to lobby Canada to stay out of foreign wars if we can’t prevent them from happening.

Hamilton Coalition Against Poverty – blogging against poverty like there’s no tomorrow.

Hamilton Health Coalition – calling all Hamiltonians to contribute their voices in favour of universal, public health care.

Palestinian Association of Hamilton – Hamiltonians contributing to what is perhaps the greatest struggle for national liberation being fought in the world today.


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